Best 8 Ways to Create a Perfect Bathroom with Subway Tiles

Best 8 Ways to Create a Perfect Bathroom with Subway Tiles

A bathroom is a place in the home that requires much attention in terms of design. First, you have to make sure the design is top-notch with high quality, adorable tiles on the wall and floor. I guess you already know why. visit to know more about Bathroom subway tiles.

The bathroom is one of the much-visited places in the home. But, most times, you will always find yourself retreating to the bathroom after a busy long day. Hence, using high-quality subway tiles to bring out excellent expressions of relaxing mood is more than necessary. 

Like I also wondered the first time a friend it to me, you might be asking why it has been subway tiles. Well, it’s better to say that subway tiles are among the best tiles that can give you impressive designs with a comforting feel. 

Let me make it more transparent.

Subway tiles are always on the lips of pro designers when it comes to creating perfect bathroom designs. It may also convince you further if you know that they have been popular bathroom design tools since 1904. Meanwhile, it is easy to think that most bathroom designers love to use them, but there is more to that. 

Subway tiles are durable, versatile, classic and, most importantly, ridiculously affordable. And, when you compare them to other bathroom tiles, there might not be other ones to tag as ‘better alternatives. 

You can get subway tiles, black grout, white, gold and other classic colours. They are still the best if you prefer glass. More than that, you can create contrast with grout, play extensively with a pattern, make the design loud and elaborate or, better still, keep it as simple as possible. In a nutshell, there’s no limit to what you can do with subway tiles regarding bathroom designs.

However, suppose you are a novice in bathroom design. In that case, you might find it somewhat complicated to express yourself with these top quality tiles. Yet, suppose you can’t afford to invite a professional designer for your bathroom update. In that case, you will learn everything in this article.

This pro-designer-approved guide will teach you every necessary step you need to take to give your bathroom a perfect look that every member of your household will admire. 

Are you ready? Let’s go into the details. 

1. Make It Classic 

I know you would love something that can blend with the current trend, especially if you are the type that welcomes many visitors into your home. 

Before you create your preferred bathroom designs, I will advise you to make sure you create a unique design that will remain in vogue as trends come and go and styles changes. That’s what I intended when I used the word ‘classic’.

Subway tiles are timeless. So, that could be a great advantage for you to create a classic design that will serve through different times and seasons. 

2. Switch up Your Colours

Have you seen how charming it looks when you combine subway tiles of different attractive colours? Perfect is just the right word. I don’t know what your taste may look like, but I know you will love it. 

So, how do you switch up your colours? It’s simple. You can get a background of an attractive shade of your choice. Let’s say a vibrant yellow, for instance. Imagine you frame that yellow with cream subway tiles. Can you picture the design it brings? That is a sure way to project a sunny statement in your bathroom. Amazing! No matter the colours you choose to mix to get your design, you would not be able to resist the outcome. 

3. Protect Your Wallpaper 

Most designers are always scared of Subway tiles. They think it will not go together. On the contrary, subway tiles work perfectly with wallpaper. Let’s paint a picture. Imagine you have attractive wallpaper, classic floor subway tiles, and matching pendant lights. You already have all you need. 

The most important thing you need to keep in mind when combining your subway tiles with wallpaper in your bathroom is how well they can resist moisture and the splashing of water. To be safe, you need to keep the wallpaper out of the splashing range, especially if it is the visitor’s bathroom that gets more traffic.

4. Dark Grout Is Essential 

Dark grout is suitable if you want to achieve a geometric effect. Though most people love plain white tiles in the bathroom, you might need to veer away from that traditional mindset if you want something classic. Using dark grout to combine your white subway tiles will only make the white pop out the more.

A combination of dark grout with white can give you an incredible mix. I call it ‘the inverse’. The reason is that it brings opposite aesthetic attraction. For example, a combination of black and whites subway tiles is common in five start buildings’ bathrooms. One reason is that the unique combination is slightly moodier and projects a bold and fascinating repetition through the contrasting tones.

5. Use a Neutral Grout

As an alternative to the above-suggested design, you may consider using a neutral grout. Do you know what’s impressive about these options? It plays up this planet’s tones throughout space. Though sometimes it looks graphic, making it sure makes a huge difference in the overall appearance and feel. 

6. Introduce Texture 

You can make your subway tiles take a backseat and allow your marble of different colour accents to shine. That way, you can create a fantastic design that even a one-time visitor will request to use your bathroom again. However, one thing about this concept is that you might not notice the groove until you look closely. 

7. Use Herringbone Pattern 

Herringbone is a classic pattern you can create with subway tiles, ideally without faults. In these recent days, this fantastic design is becoming more popular and acceptable. Most professional bathroom designers love it primarily because it can sustain its uniqueness as trend comes and go.

8. Chose Fresh Colours 

The choice of your colours determines the look and feel you will experience in your bathroom. Hence, you have to ensure that you choose cool and fresh colours that can project neutrality and fit into the taste of everyone that visit. 


Subway tiles can help you create different enticing bathroom designs. You only have to know a few pro tips to make things work out perfectly. Note that you can take all the above steps yourself without paying a professional bathroom designer. Now that you have learned the necessary, it’s best to give it a trial.